SRMlive at Ford Ironman World Championship

SRMlive at Ford Ironman World Championship

SRMlive is a real-time feed of power, speed, heart rate, cadence, and GPS position on SRMlive will provide the live cycling human performance feed of world-class triathletes: Michael Weiss, Faris Al-Sultan, Dirk Bockel, Cameron Brown, TJ Tollakson, Matty Reed, Joanna Lawn, Catriona Morrison, Rachel Joyce, Amanda Stevens, Virginia Berasategui, Caitlin Snow, Kelly Williamson, and Samantha Warriner. SRMlive will also feature Scott Rigsby, the first double amputee to complete Ironman Hawaii, Matt Michelson, the Ironman rookie sharing his journey with the world through the web, and Asker Jeukendrup, distinguished researcher and sports nutritionist. 

SRM founder Ulrich Schoberer expresses his excitement about the boosting popularity of real-time live human performance data, "The Ford Ironman World Championships in Kona is the most famous and most important triathlon competition. We are proud that many of the best triathletes train and race with the SRM Training System - pacing themselves in the most sophisticated way. Having the ability to show their capacity on the bike live will offer viewers a rare opportunity to get an insight in tactics and performance. A very special thanks to all athletes who agreed to ride for SRMlive.”

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