Green light for the Home Race

Green light for the Home Race

Austrian triathlon professional, Michael Weiss, was relieved after a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) appointment with specialist, Dr. Lukas Brandner, revealed the knee injury sustained in last weekend’s 70.3 Pays d’Aix is not a serious threat and can be healed with physical therapy solely.

It was an unfortunate run stride in a tight corner, which locked Michi's knee and took him off the Aix-en-Provence podium, but now with guidance and treatment in Austria,

Michael’s season will resume in full force. "My home race, Ironman 70.3 St. Pölten, is still on the calendar for May 17th!" says the Lower Austrian, aiming for a top performance in the half-distance (1.2 mile swim, 54 mile bike, 13.1 mile run).

Michael received the official diagnosis from Dr. Lukas Brandner ( on Wednesday evening: Minor adipose tissue behind the kneecap is hardened in an attenuated form.

“The important fact is that I am completely pain free. With physiotherapy I will get back on track," Weiss repeats. Therapy began today at IMSB Austria in Maria Enzersdorf, where the country's biggest High Performance Center is located.

"I am thrilled with the news that therapy and care will resolve this injury and that I can start 70.3 Austria as planned. I’m looking forward racing one of the most scenic routes in my country," Michi remarks. “Having the fastest bike split in France last week was a strong start, and as long as my knee heals properly and recovery is a success, I can show even more in St. Pölten.”

From the experience in Aix Michael reflects, "I have to be more aware on the run. In Aix-en-Provence I felt so great I became overconfident on the run. Perhaps with more care in the turn nothing would have happened. But this is sport…”

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