Aerodynamics Testing in Vienna

Aerodynamics Testing in Vienna

The aerodynamic trials were designed to assess and confirm Michael's bike setup for the Ironman World Championships in Hawaii this October. “It was a very successful session today and we made some big strides forward to improve position and setup,” remarks Weiss.

Weiss has already finished four high-profile triathlons since his Ironman Cozumel win on November 30th, including Challenge Dubai, 70.3 Oceanside, and 70.3 Austria. With his season hitting the half-way mark, Michi was ready to re-evaluate his bike position, material, and setup to determine if any aerodynamic advantages were still possible.

“In this sport if you’re not moving forward you’re moving backward,” Weiss smiles as he explains the never-ending search for speed. "That's why I was very pleased and grateful that XeNTiS gave me the opportunity to dig deeper in aerodynamics in Dusika Stadium."

XeNTis and Weiss worked more than six hours on the traditional wooden Vienna track. They tested and analyzed various prototypes from the Austrian wheel manufacturer including the new disc wheel which Michael raced at Challenge Dubai. After debuting the disc wheel in February Weiss said, “my inbox was overflowing with inquiries and requests from around the world. The wheel design was a significant advantage given the conditions and it was an honor to introduce it to the triathlon world."

Felix Schneider, XeNTis Technical Director and Head of Development at Carbon Styrian works closely with Michael for product testing, design, and feedback. "Michael is one of the strongest cyclists in the entire professional field and thus a great measure of our products,” explains Felix. “It is above all an inventor who wants to continue to develop and improve his bike setup."

For the time-being, all data and results from the aero test will remain confidential. "We have made big strides forward. From the position on the bike to wheel combinations to material selection and setup… Exciting progress and results came in Vienna."

On June 28th Michael will toe-the-line at Ironman Austria. He will again go head-to-head with Marino Vanhoenacker, six time winner on the Wörthersee. Marino set an Ironman World Record on this course and Michael became the first Austrian to go sub-8 hours in an Ironman here! "I have many fond memories of Ironman Austria in Klagenfurt,” Michi recalls. “I have reached the podium twice here and after last year’s 8th place I have a score to settle!"

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