Corrective Surgery for Knee

Corrective Surgery for Knee

Triathlon professional, Michael Weiss, celebrated the end of a long race season by undergoing knee surgery in Austria today.

Weiss, the 34 year old Austrian, had been experiencing knee issues throughout the season and returned home after a hard-fought 3rd place finish at Ironman Cozumel, his last race of 2015.

Following multiple MRI scans, doctors in Vienna were able to diagnose a meniscus tear and on Thursday December 10th, Dr. Lukas Brandner performed the corrective surgery.

"If there is ever a perfect time for an operation, then it would be now, right at the beginning of the off-season," said Michael going into the procedure. Dr. Lukas Brandner, founder of , repaired the meniscus tear using an Arthroscopy technique in the private Döbling clinic.

Weiss will immediately begin exercise therapy to heal properly and in five to seven days he is already expected to be on the ergometer again. Once sutures are removed he will take to the pool to resume swim training. Running, however, will have to wait at least four weeks, but this rest will play a big part in his recovery.

Michael currently ranks 19th in the Ironman World Ranking. Despite his nagging knee trouble this year he was able to finish 2nd at Ironman Austria, 3rd at Ironman Cozumel, and made six other top ten finishes at high profile races around the world.

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