Season start with podium

Season start with podium

The weekend was a perfect start to Michael Weiss’s 2016 race season. The Austrian professional finished 3rd at Ironman 70.3 Texas in Galveston with a strong performance in all three disciplines and a total time of 3:45:52 hours.

"I am super happy with my performance! It was a nearly perfect day,” exclaimed Weiss.

The lead-up and preparation for Michael’s first race of the year went very well. In fact, race day was only 111 days after an arthroscopic surgery on his left knee, but proved to be a non-issue for the 35 year-old. "I passed all the tests without problems in training,” reflects Weiss. “But the
race is always a different experience. I am so relieved and excited for the year ahead!"

Michael completed the 1.2 mile swim in 26:48 minutes. "For my first open water swim this year, it was okay," he added.

Once again, on the bike Weiss delivered an outstanding performance with the second fastest bike split, just 31 seconds behind winner, Lionel Sanders. "I had a sensational ride on my new Diamondback time trial machine and was able to execute the race I wanted.”
SRM Data: 358 average watts and 28.3 mph average speed.

Michael started the 13.1 mile run in fourth position. "Fourth can be frustrating,” Weiss describes. “I’ve had many fourth place finishes and did not want to leave Texas without a podium result.”

The Gumpoldskirchner was able to push through the cramps and heat and move into third place in the half marathon. "It was an odd feeling to have been cross country skiing just one week ago and now in race mode in Texas heat.”

The victory went to the Canadian, Lionel Sanders, followed by Andreas Dreitz of Germany.

Weiss took third and was more than satisfied. "A top 3 result this early in my season is fantastic and I’m so motivated to return next month for Ironman Texas!”

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