Withdrawal after three flats

Withdrawal after three flats

They say "Everything is Bigger in Texas", and that includes disappointment. Triathlon professional, Michael Weiss, changed three flat tires on course in Saturday's Ironman Texas before finally retiring for the day.

It was a great disappointment for the Austrian, who had spent ten days in The Woodlands preparing for the race and adapting to the hot, humid conditions. Weiss went into the race with optimal shape and was thrilled with his swim progress, Diamondback Serios triathlon bike set-up, and running form.

The race was unfolding well and a podium finish was in sight as Michael quickly moved up through the men's field on the bike. He averaged 28mph in the first 30 miles reaching the chase group and was less than 4 minutes from the leader when he caught a stone and his first flat tire. Michael used his spare tube, CO2, and approximately three minutes on the side of the road to repair the front wheel.

Weiss recovered his position with the chase group after the technical incident and was feeling motivated and back on track when he hit deeply grooved pavement and a second flat tire. As usual, he was well prepared, and pulled out a second spare tube and CO2 for the fix. However, not long after the second repair his front tire again lost air for flat number three which he fixed with aid station supplies.

Michi managed to pull into T2 after an incredibly frustrating ride and was more than thirty men back. It was clear that a top ten finish was not in the cards this day and a disheartened Weiss pulled out at mile 6 on the run with the wise intention of saving his legs.

Weiss is already set to race Ironman Austria on June 26 th and will likely add a 70.3 beforehand due to the circumstances in Texas.

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