Andean Aero Test with SRM

Andean Aero Test with SRM

With the Olympic Training Center Velodrome being covered in Colorado Springs and SRM's PowerMeter inventor, Uli Schoberer, in town, conditions were ideal for an aero testing session with professional triathlete, Michael Weiss, and the Diamondback Andean triathlon bike. Joined by RideCo's chief mechanic, Chris Murray, and Rachel Weiss, the team took to the track to test what many consider the fastest bike in triathlon.

"The Andean is far easier to route cables on than most tri bikes as the storage compartment gives substantially more room to work. The disc brakes are also a huge improvement from your standard tri brake as they set up easily and actually stop!” - Chris Murray, Bike Mechanic at RideCo.

Testing was based on watts and speed with variables including clothing and position. "This is a perfect example of why a PowerMeter must be accurate and precise,” explains SRM owner, Uli Schoberer. "We need to measure the effect of changes, some as small as millimeters, and determine aerodynamic advantages. Today was very interesting, especially in the clothing category.”

A December test is helpful in setting a benchmark for the long training months ahead, during which Michael builds his base for the race season. "The Andean is the fastest bike we have ever tested. Combined with HED Jet 9 front and disc rear it turns into a rocket ship!” Weiss remarks. "And the inventor of cycling power measurement himself shaved off some extra watts which makes me very confident going into next season."

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