Rehab Update

Rehab Update

Two months after surgery on a broken collarbone sustained at 70.3 Campeche on March 19th, Austrian professional triathlete, Michael Weiss, is back to full training. Almost...even though he is back in the water for kicking drills only he is still waiting for the surgeon's OK to resume normal swimming.

"I always thought that *if* I was to have a broken collarbone it would be the result of a crazy mountain bike ride or fast descent on the road, but I did not expect such an accident in the middle of a race on a closed course” (A spectator ran into the road as Michael was 20 miles into the Ironman 70.3 Campeche bike course and caused him to crash mid-race).

If Michi was a road cyclist he would likely be ready to resume racing by now. As a triathlete, collarbone recovery is something completely different. The swim is a huge limiting factor and delay's the time line. In addition to the bone break, Michi's AC (acromioclavicular) ligament is involved which also requires additional recovery time. Because of the extended recovery time there is still a question mark as to whether he will be able to start Ironman Austria, his home race.

"It would be heartbreaking for me if I missed Ironman Austria, but my goal is to be 100% fit before toeing the next start line so it will all come down to healing and training time.”

The 3x Ironman Champion's main objective is to compete at the Ironman World Championships in Hawaii this October. Currently he holds just under 2,000 KPR points which is more or less one foot in the door to qualify and there will be several opportunities to gain more points in late-summer races.

The message from Michael's recovery team around his surgeon, Dr. David Weinstein, is that he is ahead of schedule in rehab and on-track for his season goals.

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