Hard facts


Name: Michael Weiss
Nickname: Michi
Date of Birth: January 17, 1981
Hometown: Gumpoldskirchen, Lower Austria (20 km south of Vienna)
Height: 187cm, 6 ft 2"
Weight: 79 kg, 175 lbs
Occupation: Professional triathlete, ActiveReleaseTechniques® therapist
Club: "TriRunners Baden" (based in Lower Austria)

My story

Born as the only child of Ilse and Ernst Weiss, both Austrian teachers, I was constantly exposed to many aspects of life and sports. I grew up on the trails of Mt. Anninger and dreamed of becoming a mountainbike-pro throughout my teenage years. I realized this dream after completing school and civil-service, by entering the professional mountainbike Cross Country (XC) race-circuit in 2001.

My proudest mountainbike-accomplishments include winning the U-23 European Championship Title, the honor of representing Austria at the Athens Olympic Games in 2004, and several memorable World Cup and -Championship top-ten finishes.
I successfully raced mountainbikes for over seven years before my path as pro athlete led me to triathlon. The primary reason for changing sports was burn-out after failing to qualify for the Beijing Olympics in 2008. After leaving mountainbike-racing, I started at a few roadraces, but didn´t feel comfortable at all, and continoued to search for my calling in the world of professional sports.
Finally some good friends convinced me to give triathlon a try, and all of a sudden I won all of my first four triathlons, just within a few weeks in summer 2008, instead of racing at the Olympics which took place in the same month. Within that brief period of time I felt born again, and knew I had found my new passion.

In life, sometimes you meet the right people at the right time. This was the case for me in late August 2008, when I met Mario Huys, a highly regarded triathlon coach. He built on my teenaged swimming- and running experience, and guided me through Half Ironman Monaco and Xterra Maui. I surprised many people, most of all myself, by finishing second in both races, and earnig a pro-slot for the Ironman World Championship in Hawaii for the following year.

Going forward, I´ve dedicated myself to working hard with Mario and a team of the best coaches in the world, to become a complete triathete. My goals are set high, and I love the challenge to train hard and push my limits each day.
It´s not only the competition that drives me, I´m motivated by the triathlon spririt, community, and lifestyle as a whole.

Wiki Miki?

Wiki means "fast" in Hawaiian language. Most people in Austria, and German speaking people in general, call me "Michi", as a short form of Michael. Since the "ch" is difficult to prounouce for many english speaking people, it was always a challenge to tell people how to call my name. Most of them prounounced it "Mickey".

"Wiki Miki" means "fast Michi", like Honolulu airport's "Wiki Wiki shuttle". My trademark in triathlons are very fast bike splits, hence "Wiki-Miki Express"...Wiki Miki was born!











  • 3rd XTERRA World Championship Maui
  • 25th Ironman World Championship Hawaii (first Ironman)
  • 2nd Half Ironman Monaco
  • 3rd XTERRA Czech
  • 1st Tri Neufeld (Olympic distance, Austria)
  • 3rd Kirchbichl (Olympic distance, Austria)
  • 6th XTerra Italy
  • 12th Half Ironman St. Poelten (Austria)
  • 1st Obergrafendorf (Olympic distance, Austria)
  • 16th Half Ironman Oceanside (California)



  • 2nd XTERRA World Championship Maui
  • 2nd Half Ironman Monaco
  • 1st Trimotion Saalfelden (Half distance, Austria)
  • 1st XTERRA Austria
  • 1st Thermentriathlon (Olympic distance, Au stria)
  • 1st XTERRA Nock & Lake (Austria)


MTB (1994- 2008) highlights
  • Olympian Athens 2004, 32nd p lace (incl a nasty flat tire)
  • European Champion 2003 (U-23, in Graz/Austria)
  • 10th World Championship Les Gets 2004 (France)
  • 5th World Cup Roc d´Azur 2005 (Marathon, France)
  • 6th World Cup Angel Fire 2005 (USA)
  • 7th World Cup Madrid 2006 (Spain)
  • 10th World Cup Houffalize 2005 (Belgium)
  • 10th World Cup overall 2006
  • Austrian Champion 2004
  • 25th Tour of Austria 2006 (road stagerace)
  • Austrian Nationalteam 1999- 2008

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